Imagination, Inovation & Creation


We pride ourselves in developing innovative and high quality cosmetics in the market. Our team of chemists work hand in hand with our product developers and packaging designers to ensure that every client product concept is realised to its full potential.



Once your custom formulating and testing are completed, when you need a lab to make your formula lab-ready, Ektek has your back. We relentlessly revise your product in our lab until it matches what you formulated at home. We work together and follow your directions to recreate your exact formula.



With years of experience and our reputation for industry excellence in helping our private label customers have products that meet the demands of the health and beauty industry, we are the lab to offer formulas you can launch as your own for a faster and more budget-friendly business establishment.



If you want to retain the ownership and creative control of your formulas, leaving behind the complexity of scientific research, in-house stability testing, and new-to-market concepts, we take a holistic team approach of custom formulated with a focus on long-term relationship compatibility.